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“Killing Talaat was the easiest
thing if only we recognized him…
Even his name had been changed.”

Shahan Natalie

Our Mission

The current fundraising campaign is intended for preparing the first volume of Shahan Natalie‘s unpublished works. The title of this volume in progress is Memoirs of a Stranger («Անծանօթի Մը Յիշատակարանը»), and the subtitle is How Was Talaat Assassinated? («Ի՞նչպէս Սպանուեցաւ Թալէաթը»).

Sylva Natalie Manoogian, PhD in Library and Information Science, has undertaken the compilation of what is expected to be a 1000-page chronicle of Natalie’s handwritten diaries, memoirs, correspondence between 1920 and 1927, as well as manuscript facsimiles, photos, translations, and annotations.

Alternatively, you may also make your tax-deductible contribution by check, payable to Shahan Natalie Family Foundation, Inc. and remit to: SNFF, Inc. Attn: S.N. Manoogian, 3727 West Magnolia Blvd, Suite 215, Burbank, CA 91505. Click on the button below, print the form, fill it out and mail it with your check.

SNFF will send you a letter of acknowledgment as proof of your financial contribution.

Why Is It Important?

At a time when the Turkish government continues to spend millions of dollars worldwide to bribe diplomats, government
officials, and historians to distort the truth about the Armenian Genocide
prior to its centennial in 2015, Armenians worldwide need to unite their
efforts and use their resources wisely to counter and defeat this mighty army of tall tales.

Shahan Natalie Family Foundation (SNFF) is in possession of a game-changing volume of the history of the Armenian people that has been missing far too long. It is not another testimony of an Armenian Genocide survivor, but rather a 1000-page detailed testament of a national avenger.

Who Is Shahan Natalie?

Shahan Natalie at the Armenian Genocide protest in 1965Shahan Natalie at the Armenian Genocide protest in front of the U.N. in 1965

Sentenced to death in Istanbul, the chief perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923) – Talaat, Enver, and Djemal Pashas – were on the loose, still posing a threat to the Armeninan nation. They were regrouping to finish writing the last chapter – the complete annihilation of the Armenian people. But, from 1920 to 1922, Operation Nemesis aborted their efforts once and for all.

Shahan Natalie, alias Nemesis, was the responsible organizer of that secret Operation. He has left a legacy of hundreds of unpublished pages describing those historic missions in great detail. Today, almost a century later, Shahan Natalie needs your help to tell his full story to the world.

To learn more about Shahan Natalie, please visit,,,

What Is the Big Picture

Sylva Natalie Manoogian describing the project of publishing Shahan Natalie’s complete works

Memoirs of a Stranger is the cornerstone of a multi-volume series of Shahan Natalie’s complete intellectual legacy, an ambitious long-term project of Shahan Natalie Family Foundation, Inc., led by Sylva Natalie Manoogian, PhD in Library and Information Science.

The long-awaited publication of the volumes will include Natalie’s diaries, memoirs, correspondence, essays, poetry, short stories, and plays. The volumes will also include manuscript facsimiles, transcriptions, translations and annotations.

At SNFF, we believe that the heretofore unpublished books will help shed light on grey areas of recorded history. The books will also manifest that despite having sustained great losses, the Armenian people are capable of defending themselves, taking measures to minimize damage and bring justice.

When Do We Want to Finish It

Shahan Natalie Family Foundation (SNFF) is determined to inaugurate this undertaking by April 24, 2015, the centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. It is important to start as soon as possible, since the volume of the archive to be processed is quite large – the first volume is estimated to have 1,000 pages. The archives have already been received from the Shahan Natalie Estate and an inventory has been taken.

How Can You Participate?

SNFF depends upon large and small donations from supporters like you to accomplish this difficult task and perpetuate Shahan Natalie’s intellectual legacy.

Your tax-deductible gift will help cover the cost of transcription, translation, research, scanning, printing, publication, and distribution of Shahan Natalie’s complete works.

Together, let us incorporate the missing chapters into our common history.

What Your Contribution Can Do For You

We have come up with a number of ways to say thank you for your valuable contribution. Every bit, even $1, will help us get closer to our target. See the right-hand sidebar to learn about the perks we offer for different amounts of contribution.

If We Collect More Than Our Target

If we collect more funds than our initial goal, then, depending on the size of the additional funds, SNFF will do one, some or all of the following:

1. Organize book launch events not only in Los Angeles, but also in other large Armenian communities;

2. Donate copies of the book to public libraries and educational institutions;

3. Publish an eBook;

4. Fund the translation of the book into Russian and/or French;

5. Use it toward the next volume of Shahan Natalie’s complete works.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that online campaigns have their limitations. We are certain there are many people out there who really care about this project and would be willing to contribute, but won’t, since they do not know about it. You have the privilege of knowledge, and we ask you to be generous with it: spread the word via Facebook, Tweeter or by word of mouth.

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