Desert Nights

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“Desert Nights” by E. Baghdasaryan and A. Manoogian

Է. Բաղդասարյան և Ա. Մանուկյան՝ «Անապատի գիշերներում»

Է. Բաղդասարյան և Ա. Մանուկյան՝ «Անապատի գիշերներում»


This bilingual English-Armenian book contains articles on trafficking and interviews with trafficking victims by Edik Baghdasaryan, editor-in-chief of Hetq, and Ara K. Manoogian, Artsakh representative of the Shahan Natalie Family Foundation. After one year researching the problem of the trafficking of women in both Armenia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the two investigative journalists uncover an international human trafficking network, which operates in Dubai with the involvement of representatives of the Armenian and UAE law enforcement agencies.


Edik Baghdasaryan and Ara Manoogian, Desert Nights, Yerevan: Gasprint, 2006, 183 p. (of which 84 is in English and 99 in Armenian; paperback; 8×8). Desert Nights is designed in such a way that the back cover of the Armenian version is the front cover of the English version and vice versa.

Desert Nights is also available on DVD (48 min) in Armenian with English subtitles.

Both the DVD and the book may be obtained with a donation of $45 (shipping incl.) to the Shahan Natalie Family Foundation. Click here to fill out the form.

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