Komitas: The Life & Works

“Komitas: The Life & Works” Cover Art

The great Armenian composer’s life and works are presented in his letters, music, archival documents, contemporaries’ memories, in more than 450 photographs, 100 video clips, as well as 550 musical performances.

The DVD was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and produced by Information Technologies Education in 2009.

Below is the video of a presentation of this unprecedented all-in-one multimedia DVD on Komitas by Garegin Chugaszyan, President of Information Technologies Education (ITE) at the Western Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church of North America, on May 5, 2011.

A copy of “Komitas: The Life & Works,” all-in-one unprecedented multimedia DVD will be yours with a donation of $45 to SNFF.

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Three CD/DVDs, which were made using the latest technology and could be described as mini-encyclopedias,
says Asbarez.com (read the article below)

Beneficial and Prideworthy work about Genocide and Armenian Values

by By S. Mahserejian
(reprinted from Asbarez.com)

Analysis Research & Planning for Armenia (ARPA), which has been contributing to Armenia’s prosperity for about 20 years, has yet another useful tradition: every month they organize lectures, through which Armenian values and beneficial knowledge is presented to the public.
The latest lecture took place on Friday, May 6, at the hall of the Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School. The guest lecturer was Garegin Chugaszyan who introduced, in great detail, three CD/DVDs, which were made using the latest technology and could be described as mini-encyclopedias.

Chugaszyan is the Executive Director of Information Technologies Foundation (ITF), which specializes in web and e-content development. On Friday he spoke in general times about the activities of the company, related to developing content with various tools for CD/DVDs.
Among such tools are texts, images, music, video and other media, which help the user study the material or the person in question. Chugaszyan illustrated that communication with the help of a computer and a big white screen, presenting three CD/DVD-ROMS, two of which have received international awards.

Naturally, no matter how long we try to write, it is impossible to present the story full content of the CD/DVD-ROMs. Therefore, we should keep it short. The CD/DVD-ROMs were as follows: “Aram Khachaturian: the Life & Works,” “Armenian genocide: 1915-1923” (Dedicated to the 90th anniversary), and “Komitas: the Life & Works.”

As we mentioned above, each CD/DVD-ROM is a mini-encyclopedia dedicated to a specific. The CD-ROM about Aram Khachaturian and the DVD-ROM about Komitas contain biographical information, history of achievements, opinions about these persons, musical pieces (often accompanied by a variety of different versions/interpretations), as well as general background about the epoch, in which the artists in question lived and, specifically, events, which effected their lives. The CD-ROM about the Armenian Genocide has a lot of sections, which contain historical information, images, maps, eyewitness accounts, as well as Turks’ confessions, etc. The CD/DVD-ROMs were intended to present comprehensive information about the subject matter. However, the makers of these products know well that the materials cannot be complete—the lecturer confirmed they had obtained new materials, following the production of the CD/DVD-ROMs, for instance, about Komitas. One of their plans is to establish a Komitas museum, where all the materials about the artist will be stored and displayed with the help of the latest information technologies.

A few words about the awards. It was very inspiriting to know that “Aram Khachaturian: the Life & Works” and “Armenian Genocide: 1915-1923” were submitted to an international competition, where 20,000 works from 168 countries participated in 2005. Among the contenders were BBC and other world-renowned media giants. Out of all of them, “Aram Khachaturian: the Life & Works” was chosen the winner, not only for its rich content, but also for the best use of the contemporary technologies. At the same competition, “Armenian Genocide: 1915-1923” was awarded a special prize, which wasn’t officially announced for political reasons. In spite of that Chugaszyan mentioned it on the stage, upon receiving the award for “Aram Khachaturian: the Life & Works,” thus breaking the intentional indifference and, naturally, upsetting those “kind people” who wanted to flatter Turkey…

Importantly, the CD/DVD-ROMs are multilingual: besides Armenian, the information is also presented in English and Russian. The information in different chapters and subchapters is available in audio and video format. These products are a great gift for family and friends, as well as for non-Armenians as introduction to the Armenian values and historical path.
The lecturer also made a statement of concern. He said that his company had given away these CD/DVDs to some Armenian and non-Armenian organizations as a gift, however, until now there has been no one who would come up with an offer to distribute, for instance, the Genocide CD-ROM to the U.S. Congressmen or Senators. Probably, his silent call will not fall on deaf ears, and potential partners will respond. By the way, though the work on the products requires significant financial investments, it was, nevertheless, completed at the lowest cost possible. The company has cooperated with a number of Armenian Ministries for the product development, and is now working on a new series of CD/DVD-ROMs aimed at introducing other Armenian values. Indeed, a beneficial and prideworthy work, which can be useful for individuals, teachers, students, schools and unions. Here is one “tool” presented to the new generation in the language and media of the contemporary world.

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