The Shahan Natalie Family Foundation sponsored a project called One-Dollar Democracy, which was intended to raise awareness about the core democratic principles upon which our great nation was founded – namely, Rule of Law, Justice, Equality, and Popular Sovereignty, and how the U.S. Government may undermine these principles by tolerating authoritarian leaders and condoning election fraud in sovereign nations.

The idea of One-Dollar Democracy was conceived as a project ‘for the people by the people’, which implied partial funding of the project by people who care about Democracy and the Rule of Law, with symbolic $1 contributions as a single democratic vote per person. The lion’s share of the project was financed by SNFF.

This mission was called to life during a cross-country trip in camper from Los Angeles to Washington DC, from April 2 to April 12, 2013. This educational trip with stops in a number of cities, was a part of SNFF Artsakh Representative Ara K. Manoogian’s hunger strike, which he had started on March 17, 2013 five days after wring an open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, with demand that he stop supporting corrupt regimes. Specifically, Ara K. Manoogian’s hunger strike was a sign of disapproval for U.S. President Obama’s premature congratulatory note to a corrupt authoritarian leader of a Post-Soviet republic over re-election, despite overwhelming evidence of widespread voter fraud in favor of the incumbent. (See evidence in “All about Ara Manoogian’s Hunger Strike for Democracy and Rule of Law” or read the Burbank Leader article “Congratulations to re-elected Armenian president spark Burbank hunger strike“). Ara K. Manoogian ended his hunger strike in front of the White House in Washington, D.C., on April 9, 2013, after Serzh Sargsyan, the usurper of Armenia’s presidency, was sworn in, with the approval of the world’s super powers. This the video highlighting the cross-country trip for Democracy and Rule of Law.

Below is Ara K. Manoogian’s original mission statement

My Mission

As a citizen of the United States, born and raised in California, I believe it is my civic duty to make sure that the actions of our President, Barack Obama, never undermine the core democratic principles upon which our great nation was founded – namely, Rule of Law, Justice, Equality, and Popular Sovereignty.

During my upcoming cross-country trip to Washington, DC, my mission will be to educate the American public on how our U.S. government representatives are misrepresenting us in foreign countries. These elected officials have proven that they are pushing agendas which contradict these American core values. Therefore, we, the people of the United States, must condemn manipulation as a way to promote U.S. interests in a foreign country, often to the detriment of its general population. Such policies hinder future prosperity and sovereignty of said nations, creating bitterness and hostility toward fellow American citizens who have not necessarily sanctioned, or even been informed, of such adverse U.S. policies. As a result, the way our Government has been representing us in foreign countries has made it uncomfortable, and sometimes even dangerous, for us to speak the words ‘Proud to be an American’ when traveling abroad.

As a recent example of the manipulation alluded to above, on March 2, 2013, President Barack Obama validated the  Republic of Armenia’s presidential election, held a mere twelve days earlier, on February 18, by congratulating the incumbent, Serzh Sargsyan, over his re-election. The election process was marred by widespread, well-documented fraud in favor of Sargsyan, and he is now using President Obama’s congratulatory message as evidence that the election was fair and free.

It was in protest to Obama’s legitimization of election fraud in a sovereign nation overseas that I began my hunger strike on March 17, 2013. I wrote an open letter to  President Obama, on March 12, 2013, demanding that he withdraw his congratulations. Planning my trip  itinerary is now underway. I will notify our contributors about the update on this important part of our project as soon as details are finalized. Most importantly, I am open to your suggestions. If you would like me to visit your hometown on my way, please let me know, so that I may make corresponding changes in my itinerary, if possible.

I believe that this just action will effectively put an end to my hunger strike and hopefully make the U.S. Government remain loyal to core democratic values, not only within, but also outside the U.S. borders, and in the future refrain from legitimizing corrupt regimes out of mere self-interest.

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