Direct Humanitarian Relief for the People of Kashatagh (2006-2007)

In 2006, the Shahan Natalie Family Foundation undertook a project, which aimed at providing humanitarian relief to people in Artsakh through their compatriots in Karabakh. The people of Armenia and Artsakh have been the recipients of charity from the Armenian Diaspora since the 1988 earthquake. In early 2007, the SNFF decided to build a bridge between the people of different regions in Artsakh by providing them with an opportunity to help each other. Here is a report and the SNFF Artsakh representative’s interview about the Hand-to-Hand program on Homeland-Siaspora (Հայրենիք-Սփյուռք), an Artsakh TV show.

The series of videos below is a detailed account of Hand-to-Hand in the making.

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